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    the idea of wearing jeans that are not skinny jeans terrifies me now i can’t remember what i used to do with all that extra space around my ankles 

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    im waiting for the day i can use this as a reaction image and confuse everyone for a good 5-30 seconds before they get it


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    i remember when i was in second grade and i saw my sister kiss her female friend on the cheek and i was totally floored because i didn’t know two girls could kiss each other and i went to school and told my friends and we all started kissing each other and i basically started a lesbian uprising

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  7.      - Friedrich Nietzsche

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    every time I see this it gets reblogged

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    the worst thing is when someone insults you and they’re right 

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    fuck education who wants to start a band

    your URL makes me suspicious of your intentions with this band.

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    One of the most dramatic moments of season 1.

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    I follow everyone back!

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    7x20, The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

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